Friday, 5 July 2013

A new initiative!

Your Britain Your Say is an initiative to engage the BAME (Black and Minority Ethnic) voters in politics, especially focusing on the British Sikh and Indian/Asian community, with the hope that through this initiative you will be more informed on politics, what an MP does and how they can help you.

The main goal is to encourage all eligible voters to turn out and vote! A non-vote is not only a wasted vote but a non productive vote. We each have issues important to us such as; education for our children, the health service (NHS), our pensions, human rights, women rights, etc and use our vote to have our say.

Keep an eye out on this page or follow us on twitter @Your__Britain !

To register to vote: go to and fill out the form.

If you wish to register for a postal vote: go to and follow the instructions.

Any questions or ideas you may have, or if you wish to submit a question to ask an MP; please e-mail